APRIL 2022



Founded in 2019 by Maxime Trouche, Reecall optimizes the customer experience via a conversational AI solution. The company has just raised €3m from Evolem, Newfund, Kima Ventures and business angels.


Reecall‘s AI eliminates the wait for customers and finds immediate solutions to their problems. This technology has already seduced several companies such as Devialet, RentaCar, Siblu Villages or Carlili.


The startup, based in Paris and Lyon, now intends to accelerate its European expansion and develop new features, including customers’ real-time reaction prediction.


“Reecall was born to answer a simple need: make every conversation a source of growth. After 3 years of close collaboration with our customers, the constant increase in demand and success rates among our users show that we are in a new phase: conversational AI is now the solution for all companies that place satisfaction at the heart of their strategy” declares Maxime Trouche, founder of Reecall.


“With its scientific team and a commercial execution that has allowed it to sign large clients, Reecall is inventing the world of voicebots. Any user can interact by voice with a robot that will handle more than 80% of requests in less than 5 minutes and leave the other 20% to customer service. Users are more satisfied and customer service is more efficient” says Augustin Sayer, Partner at Newfund.


“A product-focused team that addresses a strategic mission for any business: reconciling growth and customer satisfaction through artificial intelligence, focusing humans on high-value tasks” adds Thomas Rival, Partner at Evolem