APRIL 2021



La Poste announces the acquisition of Openvalue, an independent French Big Data & AI consulting firm.


Founded in 2014 by Guillaume LeboucherOpenvalue has quickly taken a key position in the French AI ecosystem, working mainly with CAC40 enterprises in diverse industries.


Openvalue will join forces with Probayes, acquired by La Poste in 2016, to build a French Big Data & AI champion gathering 150 experts in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. The combined entity will now cover the entire value chain for AI consulting from project design and architecture, data transformation and enrichment, AI algorithm creation and user experience.


This transaction marks a further step in the group strategic plan « La Poste 2030, engagée pour vous » that places digital among its strategic development priorities.


« By gathering Probayes and Openvalue complementary expertises, La Poste is building a future leader in artificial intelligence consulting dedicated to large enterprises. With 150 AI experts, this talent hub will offer a comprehensive approach to its client relying on ethical AI use and La Poste trusted third party values. » said Pierre-Etienne BardinGroupe La Poste Chief Data Officer and President of this new data/AI hub.


« We are thrilled about this partnership with La Poste that will provide Openvalue the means to accelerate its development and grow its know-how thanks to the power of a large group which we share the same sovereignty and ethics values with. » said Guillaume Leboucher, Founder and CEO of Openvalue.