DPI sold to Genky





Incorporated in 1988 by Jean-Pierre Fraïsse, DATA PHONE INTERACTIVE (“DPI”) is a family-owned business specialized in customer relationship management. The company offers a wide range of services including customer service inbound calls, telesales outbound calls, surveys and market research as well as back office and sales administration.


Co-founded by Jean-Yves Airiaud and Stéphane Ronteix, GENKY has successfully acquired Force Plus, Performance Directe and E-Satisfaction since 2012. Through these recent acquisitions, GENKY positions itself as a national leader in customer acquisition and customer experience combining both human expertise and digital technologies to better meet its customers’ expectations.


The acquisition of DPI is a strategic step for GENKY, which reinforces its expertise in customer relationship management services as well as consolidates its client portfolio in the field of telecoms, press, publishing, pharmaceutical laboratories, insurance and energy performance.


« We are delighted to join a corporate network like GENKY that will enable us to meet the rising demands and requirements from the market in terms of customer experience, digital marketing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, both in France and in Europe. We are integrating a reference network regularly chosen by Sales and Marketing departments of major French companies. » stated Jean-Pierre Fraïsse, CEO of DPI.