Splashr, French leading group in video-centric performance marketing founded in 2019 by Franck Carasso, Jérémy Bendayan and Mickael Tordjman welcomes Arkée, a digital consulting and activation agency offering search advertising services.


Based in Paris & Rouen, Arkée was founded in 2018 by Julien Pottier. The company, which has experienced significant growth since inception, offers SEO and SEA services with a team of around fifteen consultants, working with a diverse client base including medium and large businesses in France and abroad such as Universal Music, Grand Frais, So Foot, PixPay, and ZeWay.


Splashr has now completed its third build-up, following its acquisition of Blinked at the end of 2022 and Sparkle Agency at the end of 2020. Arkée is also the second acquisition since Momentum Invest partnered with Splashr in 2022.


The strong combination of Splashr, a multi-specialist in digital content creation, with the expertise in media buying from the Blinked team, and now the SEO expertise of Arkée, will enable the group to offer clients an integrated approach to enhance their digital performance.


In 2022, Splashr achieved nearly €15 million in consolidated revenue, representing more than double its 2021 revenue.


Franck Carasso, Jérémy Bendayan, and Mickael Tordjman state: “We are very pleased with this acquisition, both from a personal and business perspective. Julien is a reference in SEO topics in France and has built a team that matches his expertise. This collaboration will allow the group to expand its service offering in the field of Search Marketing and create genuine synergies with Blinked, our SEA/Social Ads/Programmatic agency. With this acquisition, the group becomes a true digital one-stop-shop, covering the full spectrum of our client’s needs: snack content, TikTok, media buying, SEO, and In-Housing.”


Julien Pottier states: “From day 1, we always sought to push boundaries, innovate, and redefine industry standards in SEO. By joining Splashr, I see a perfect synergy between the complementarity of our businesses and the innovative spirit that characterizes our two companies. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in Arkée’s history. Together, we will leverage common synergies to deliver more value to our clients.”


The Momentum Invest team adds: “This new external growth, achieved 7 months after integrating Blinked, demonstrates (i) Splashr’s leadership’s ambition to create a consistent group in terms of business expertise and customer interactions (ii) the group’s appeal for young entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their development while keeping their autonomy. We are delighted to be part of the transformation of the Splashr group alongside an expanding leadership team.”